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April Drill Weekend 2018

14 & 15 April 2018
0800 – 1400

Attention to Orders!

Download the POD!April Drill 2018 POD

April Drill will be held at Hensley.

  • 0715 – Officer Call
  • 0730 – Petty Officer Call
  • 0755 – First Call to Colors
  • 0800 – Colors

All hands to be present. Contact your LPO if you are not able to make it.
Grooming standards will be enforced and there will be random ID checks.  
Remember to read the POD.  You are responsible for the information contained within.
Also remember to bring a notebook and pen/pencil as part of your uniform. 

April Drill Weekend


Camp Navajo Update and April Drill Information

3 APR 2018

Good day all,

I want to give a heads up to everyone that the training that was scheduled for Camp Navajo has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re going to try to reschedule this for later in the year and will bring more information as it comes forward. With that being said, April drill will be held on the 14th and 15th of this month at Hensley. There is a new time change for drill. From this drill forward, drill will end at 1400 hours, promptly. This means that we need to be ready to go and out of there by 1400 hours. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, Saturday drill, we will begin the issuing of summer white uniforms. If you have your whites, please bring them to drill so we can make sure that they are fitting correctly. On Sunday, we will arrive in the dress whites. We will also be discussing summer trainings and physical fitness testing.

Stay tuned on Facebook and the website for the POD and further information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your support,

LTJG Jay E. Myers, NSCC

Executive Officer
Phoenix Division.

Post Action Report: Vietnam Veterans Classic Car Show

24 FEB 2018

Greetings Staff and Officers of the NSCC/NLCC​:​

The car show at Westgate in Glendale​ was a successful adventure for our Sea Cadets last weekend!

We raised $62.00 from​ donations in candy bar sales! Each cadet in attendance ​will receive 8 hours of community service​,​ as we were billeted as ​a “First Aid Station” for the event approved by the promoter Nancy Perry. Our Sea Cadets were seen by many veterans of the community and were squared away, presenting themselves ​with ​distinction​; everyone they came into contact​ with​ noticed and made positive comments about their “espirit de corps!” In addition to their readiness to serve as a First Aid Response Team, they repacked all the fire hose on the Fire Engine and prepared it for response status, as I ha​d​ not been able to finish putting it all back together after the Flagship Event prior.

Cadets were also given Challenge Coins in recognition of their service and support to the veterans of the US Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force services. They interacted and thanked many of the veterans in attendance at the show for their service to our country and its citizens.

Thank you for allowing your cadets to participate and ​to ​be a “show of force” helping to support the USNSCC/USNLCC and promoting the program. We had a blast!

​Attending the event​ were:

NSCC George Horvath Division NSCC ​Phoenix Division​ /
T.S. Battleship Arizona
Command Staff
​SLPO Logan Cornelius ​PO2 Cadet Cartland​ ​LT Cartland
​Cadet Sara Simms ​C​adet Van Gaal ​LTJG Kaitschuck
​Cadet Kostelac ​INST Nuckols
​Cadet Knuckles


LTJG Kaitschuck, Duane E
Division Officer



World’s Finest Chocolate 2018

Visit the fundraising page for details on the World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser that we are running this year.




Some of the Command Staff email addresses have changed. Please take a moment to update your address book. The page is linked below for your convenience.

Command Staff

Communication Requirements

If you have questions about training or coursework, please email the training officers at TRAINING@phoenixdivision.org.

They will be able to answer your questions about your training and course work.


If your ID card is due for re-enrollment, the fee is $125.00 cashier check or money order is acceptable made out to “USNSCC”. If you are not sure if you are due, look at your ID card for the enrollment date to confirm or contact the Admin staff ASAP. If are planning on attending Summer Training, you must have a current and valid ID. It is your responsibility to verify you have what you need for training. If your ID is not current, you may be denied training until your enrollment and ID is current. Replacement ID Cards if you lost or damaged, replacement cost is $10.00. Be sure that the payments are made to the Admin or Disbursing officer and you receive your receipt for payment.

Attention All Hands!!!

Please go to the Homeport Portal and look for the training you would be interested in attending. Review the training lists for all the different trainings throughout the United States, Please be sure to read the NSCC Information Letter (FIRST) at the top of the training portal page or the hyperlink in this announcement for important guidance on all trainings. Please get your Training Authority (Request) NSCTNG001– Cadet completed and submitted to the Commanding Officer with the applicable registration fees in the form of a “Money Order” or “Cashier’s Check” made out to “USNSCC”, unless otherwise directed per NSCC Information Letter. Please bring orders requests and registration fees to drill this weekend, hesitation may cause you to miss out on advanced training opportunities!

Commanding Officer: LT Tony Cartland (co@phoenixdivision.org )
Executive Officer: LTJG Jay Myers (xo@phoenixdivision.org)

All Hands – Chain Of Command


If you’re not able to attend drill, contact your LPO / Division Officer

And be sure to copy the Commanding Officer in all E-mails!

May is the unit Awards ceremony, that means you need to ensure that your uniforms are squared away. They should be neatly pressed and free of lint and Irish pennants. (loose threads and strings) If you have any issues with your uniforms or coursework, reach out to your LPO or Staff. Make sure your grooming standards are per the uniform regulations, which can be found on Homeport Portal, Homeport Uniform Regulations Manual.


Commanding Officer: LT Tony Cartland CO@phoenixdivision.org

Executive Officer: LTJG Myers XO@phoenixdivision.org

Operations Officer: INST Nuckols OPS@phoenixdivision.org


Everyone will have proper haircuts and hair grooming standard (shave!). Anyone who is not properly groomed and in proper uniform will be sent home, till the discrepancies are corrected!

You may return to drill as soon as you correct the uniform and grooming issues, this is YOUR part to do! The enforcement of the requirements is to recognize those who prepare to come to drill to train, if we are always correcting the things we “forgot”, we are taking away from our training time!

If you need help or assistance with uniform issues, contact your Division Officer or LPO ASAP!


Planning and preparing, it is important to start schedule your time wisely to maintain a good balance of schoolwork and Sea Cadet coursework. Working on it on a regular basis will allow you to take it in smaller pieces over time to get it all done without a lot of grief. Set a personal goal to be able to turn in at least 2 (or more) assignments every drill. This will help put you on the fast track to promote quickly through the program. If there are any issues with coursework that has been submitted be sure to let ADMIN know, but be sure to let you LPO/Division Officer know FIRST!

Can’t find your coursework CD??? Easy – Just go to Sea Cadet Coursework Link for Sea Cadets and NLCC Cadet Coursework Link for Navy League cadets start onPart I of the NLCC Syllabus.

Blank Answer Sheets: http://homeport.seacadets.org/download/attachments/1343728/nsctng028.pdf

Do you have your PQS done yet? All cadets should be able to complete Level 1 introduction to PQS within the first three drills after joining. Level 2 PQS is for all cadets to prepare them for recruit training and should be completed before RT if possible and not longer than their first year in the program. If you don’t have them completed, plan on getting them caught up ASAP.

Other items ongoing you should know about…

Unless directed above to do differently, for Saturday drills, Navy League cadets generally wear Woodland Camouflage (BDU) uniforms, and Sea Cadets wear the Navy Working Uniform (NWU).

Cadets should arrive in PT Gear and bring their NWU’s/BDU’s. Please bring a clean T-shirt (navy blue for NWU’s, white for all others) to change into after we finish PT both days.