USNSCC Phoenix Division

USNSCC Phoenix Division

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Phoenix Division


The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps program is a non-profit, military oriented, youth education program; designed to give motivated boys and girls starting at age 13 and going through age 17 the opportunity to grow in confidence as they learn about the Navy’s core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Cadets wear Navy enlisted style uniforms and train in a variety of areas including shipboard and shore station training, fire fighting, medical, search and rescue, honor guard, airman, FAA ground schools, military police, culinary arts, marksmanship, Navy SEALs, diving, and much more. The training that Sea Cadets receive will help them to become better citizens and the future leaders of our country.

The Sea Cadet program is for good youth who want to be better;  youth who want to expand their horizons and challenge themselves. It is NOT a correctional program for troubled youth and it is not a replacement for parental or school discipline. Extensive physical training is required.  While it is not necessary to be an athlete, cadets must be willing to increase their fitness level through daily exercise. All cadets must be U.S. citizens in good standing (maintaining a “C” average and not having disciplinary issues) at school.  Membership in the Sea Cadets does not require any commitment to join the armed forces.  However those who do decide to enter the military after high school may be able to enter at a higher pay grade and will have the advantage of their experiences over their peers in order to advance more quickly through the early stages of their military career.


                        The Officers, Staff, and Cadets of

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps 
Phoenix Division
The United States Navy League Cadet Corps 
Training Ship Battleship Arizona

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23rd  Annual Awards Ceremony
Luncheon and Raffle

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USNSCC Handbook

For parents who want to know how all of this works, the Parent’s Handbook is a good first starting point.
It gives a general description and overview of the program to give new parents and cadets an idea of how the program is run.

Click on the handbook to go to Homeport for more information.



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